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STEP 1: ANALYZE – Understand your needs.

Whether you are a first time buyer or a repeat buyer, you need to ask why you want to buy.  As with other purchase, the type of home you buy should fit your purpose for it.

Start the process by preparing.  It will help you prevent from missing important items or being uninformed on an essential part of the process.  Not only will this be an aid in buying a house, it will help you to take advantage of all of the information that is available on this website.

You narrow down the type of property you should look for based on your needs.At this point, it would do well to remember that a property’s rate of appreciation also has a lot to do with the reputation of the developer and the quality of his projects.  The better known and respected the developer, the faster and higher is the appreciation of investments in his projects.

STEP 2: SELECT AND CHOOSE – Select the right property type and choose the right developer and project.

Now that you understand what your needs are, you should know what factors to consider when choosing your home.  You may click the link below to see the list of properties according to type.

a.  Condominiums
b.  Residential Lot or House and Lot
c.  Townhouse

Knowing now the kind of property you want and need, the next step is to find the perfect home for you. No matter how good our communities are, you couldn’t possibly buy a home in all of them.  Choose.

Think of the kind of neighborhood that will suit your needs.  Think of the amenities that are absolutely necessary to you.  Malls.  Swimming pools, tennis courts, libraries, places of worship, these do affect your quality of life.  Even before these, you must look for access to transport, schools, medical facilities, police and fire stations.

STEP 3: CONTACT – Contact a qualified sales agent.

Real Estate is never bought and sold on your own. Even if you handle the majority of the transaction yourself by buying directly from an owner, you will still need to have interaction with others due to legal and financial considerations.

If you already have a particular property in mind, or wish to know more about Ayala properties, our sales people are ready and able to assist you.

STEP 4: REVIEW – Understand legal and documentary requirements and study financing options.

Study financing options available and understanding the legal and documentary requirements.

With a range of properties and payment options available, almost everybody can own an Ayala property.

Financing schemes are either extended in-house or by a bank/external financing institution. For in-house financing, financing is extended by the company selling the property.  Buyers of Ayala Land property may avail of in-house financing.

For bank or external financing, financing is extended by a bank or financial institution such as Pag-Ibig or NHMFC (National Home Mortgage and Finance Corp.)  Under this scheme, ownership of the property is transferred to the buyer.  The buyer in turn, mortgages the property to the bank.  This is typically covered by a Deed of Mortgage.

A number of requirements need to be fulfilled to purchase a property.  The information in this section will guide you through them.

STEP 5: PURCHASE – Complete the purchase.


STEP 6: POST PURCHASE – Accomplish post-purchase procedures.

Every once in a while, we keep in touch to make sure product performance meets the grade. The Ayala Land idea is not simply to meet expectations, but exceed them.



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